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The Clans

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Dwellers living in it, who are thirsty for blood. they are unselfish, insensitive cats. In their clan, everyone feeds himself, there are no feeders, kittens, elders and a medic
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The ThunderClan cats are fierce, bold and loyal. Usually, they are taking to take their place in any other house or flat. They are extremely strong.
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The cats from this clan have extraordinary swimming skills, they are powerfully built and are the only ones feeding on fish. They have waterproof fur, and they have the most in common with the ThunderClan.
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The warriors of this clan are gifted with incredibly fast running, as well as with a thin, durable body. They mainly hunt for rabbits that catch great.
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Cats from this clan are the most mysterious, dark and unselfish. He is often attacked by an epidemic, and his warriors are endowed with unusual cunning and cunning.
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Sky Clan cats for many years, driven out - hiding in the trees. Therefore, they have extremely strong hind legs and they climb and jump incredibly.
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Lonely Cats

They are cats going their own ways, they are on each other, they are not welcome in the territories of other clans, that's why they roam here and there.
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Domestic Cats

They are cats kept and hidden by people. They feed on cat food and rarely venture into the forest. They are spoiled and well fed, they have no idea how to hunt, but they lead a simple and comfortable life
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